I have survived a thousand catastrophies. Some of them even happened.
– Mark Twain

There’s a lot to worry about in this world. We’d be crazy not to worry. People function best under pressure, right? Worrying keeps us sharp, ahead of the game, ready for the next move or the next challenge. It also keeps us in the world of tomorrow and prevents us from living today.

Worry and anxiety warns us of real or imagined danger. Anxiety can be debilitating, preventing us from functioning at our full capacity. We begin to avoid doing things that we would enjoy or benefit. Sometimes we worry and we don’t even know why.

Anxiety is a very uncomfortable feeling. It can lead to a life of tension and constant fear. Impending doom. Constant nervousness. Leading one to seek control in an uncontrollable world. It’s exhausting.

People with severe anxiety can’t seem to relax. We look with envy to others who seem to breeze through life without a care in the world. We know that our fears and worries are overblown and unwarranted by the situation, yet we are powerless to do anything to stop our minds from going down the anxiety path to maybe even a full blown panic attack.

The good news is that anxiety is highly treatable. With supportive counseling, one learns how to stop the cycle before it begins by recognizing triggers and developing coping skills to refocus the mind away from negative thoughts.

Psychotherapy can help you stop living a restricted life and regain joy and peace.