“Every time an artist is screwed, an angel gets its wings.”

Douglas Carter Beane
As Bees In Honey Drown

I specialize in the counseling of creative people. Many of my clients are actors, writers, singers, visual artists and dancers. Through years of work with this group of people, I’ve come to understand the particular hardships and issues facing these amazing individuals.

Many come from difficult backgrounds, for so much of art comes from pain. Conversely many come from very healthy and supportive homes — yet struggle with the requirements of a brutal industry.

Artists put themselves on the line every day. Rejection is the norm and its toll is cumulative, resulting in self-doubt, low self esteem, loneliness, and misunderstanding. Unlike other professionals who can keep their work out of their life, the work of an artist IS their life. Yet they live in a world where their ability to do their passion is controlled by others. This loss of control over one’s own destiny is maddening.

Artists can face depression, self doubt, substance abuse, isolation, intense anxiety, and other barriers that prevent them from doing what they love most…and at times are unable NOT to do. And at every turn they are invalidated or taken advantage of.

There was a time when these creative people approached their art with joy and abandon. Passion fueled their dreams. But the reality of New York, the harsh critics and “in crowd”, combined with financial prohibitions — frequently work together to squash the flame. It can seem like the whole world is working together to discourage their success.

I counsel the bitter actor, the angry dancer, the isolated painter, the anxious designer, and the depressed musician. In psychotherapy, we work together to heal the pain of rejection and reignite the passion of purpose. Combining elements of coaching and therapy we face the business end of the industry and stop self–sabotaging behaviors.

Personal happiness and creative achievement can go hand in hand. You’ve spent years gaining experience and skills, incredible amounts of money on education, and untold tears in pursuit of your dreams. Before giving up your dreams, I urge you to try therapy.