Finding the Best Psychologist in New York City for Your Needs

We all want the best. For most of us, the idea of ‘the best’ is something that has been ingrained deep into our heads from a very early age. We strive to be ‘the best’ in school, in sports, at home and at work. So, why should we demand anything different when it comes to a New York City psychologist? We all deserve the best in the business. So, how can you determine whether you are getting the best psychologist in New York City? The question of the best all comes down to the individual. When getting advice from friends about therapy, your mate may suggest you see Dr. Smith because “he’s the best.” But is he the best for you? And how can you really know for sure? In order to determine this, you need to look at the following three factors:

First and foremost, what type of therapy are you looking for? While some therapists will prefer the standard analysis and lay you down on their couch, others will choose to speak to you in a more casual environment. Think about the talks you have had with your friends and family- what makes you feel best? Do you prefer to vent on the telephone while someone occasionally says “uh uh”? Do you prefer to express yourself through letters or email? Or perhaps your best talks have occurred during cocktail hour, coffee breaks or long walks on the beach with loved ones. It’s important to look into your individual relaxation style. Many people avoid therapy sessions because they think it will be too Freudian; however, there are methods of therapy that step outside the box and off the couch. Perhaps these would be more suited towards your lifestyle and your goals.

Second of all, ask yourself what type of person you feel comfortable talking to. Are you looking for a friend or a father figure to help you with your problems? Do you want someone who uses a passive or active approach? Do you want someone who is direct and confronting or someone who allows you to do all the talking (and discovering)? The best therapist for you is one that you feel comfortable with. Sensitive types often prefer a more passive approach to therapy while go-getters often want someone who can push them to their limit.

And finally, take an in depth look at what’s bringing you to therapy in the first place. Do you feel like your life is lacking something but are not sure what it is? Or do you have a specific problem and need to talk to an expert on the matter? Many people will choose therapy as a way to tackle certain problems related to a mental illness such as anxiety or depression. Others are looking for help with their weight loss journey or overcoming grief from a death or divorce. Others still are battling addiction or self-esteem issues. Whatever the case, the best New York City psychologist is one who knows your problem inside out and has proven methods of overcoming these issues. When choosing the best Manhattan psychologist for you, ask about their previous experience working with your condition. If you are unsure about what’s really upsetting you, then look for someone with experience in all aspects of therapy.

In addition to finding the best therapist in Manhattan, you need to do your daily homework. Here are a few simple starters to self improvement. Start with these three tips this week and see the difference the little changes in life can make:

Get up twenty minutes early: start your day off right and find some time in the morning to actually enjoy the day. Enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the sun rise. Take a few extra minutes in the shower or take a fifteen minute walk around the block. Most people start their day off on the wrong foot- either late or in a rush. By getting up a little earlier, you are eliminating that morning stress and enjoying a little ‘me’ time before tackling another day.

Keep (and follow) a schedule: having a set plan can help you accomplish more. Whether you have a jammed packed day ahead of you, or are simply looking for ways to pass the time, knowing what you need to do (and when) is the best way to keep control of your tasks and make the day run smoother. Take every chore, whether it is around the house or at the office, one step at a time.

Do something completely new: today is the day that you finally take that step and do something you’ve always wanted to do. Sign up for cooking class, schedule an appointment to go sky diving or buy a book to learn a new language. It may seem a little silly at first, but learning something new will keep your mind active and improve your sense of self worth.

Keep in mind that the best psychologist in New York City is not necessarily the most educated, the most experienced and the most talked about on television; the best psychologist in New York City is the one that helps you assess your problems and then works towards breaking through these barriers. When looking for the ‘best’, always look within yourself before you look to the Yellow Pages.