Great quote

I recently came across this great quote by Joseph Conrad:

Facing it, always facing it. That’s the way to get through. Face it.

As a therapist, sometimes my job is to be with my clients as they ‘face it’. Which I take to mean looking at one’s situation in a cold hard light. That can be hard to do – but necessary. Because we all delude ourselves by telling little white lies. These lies can come in the form of:
It’s not that bad.
It’s not my fault.
Things will get better without me changing…I can just wait it out.

Through careful and kind counseling, I work with my clients to strip away the falsehoods and look reality in the face. And when one begins to ‘face it’, it’s good to have someone there to urge us on with encouragement and support – knowing that we are not alone. This is the gift of therapy.

Only by being honest and true, can we take a full assessment of our lives and then begin to make real and concrete changes. If we don’t, we end up just ‘doing what we’ve always done and getting what we’ve always gotten’.

Life’s too short. Change and personal growth can be difficult. But the alternative is stagnation. And a stagnant life can be full of depression, anxiety, fear, anger, etc.

Are you ready to face it?