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Wealth therapist Clay Cockrell talks to The Doctors about his unique career providing the 1% with therapy tailored to their needs.

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Winning the lottery can ruin your life, while contracting an incurable disease can be “a gift”. Dr Laurie Santos hears about dreams come true and nightmares realised, and talks with Dr Dan Gilbert about why human happiness isn’t defined by these major events in the way we all assume.

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Is ‘Zennis’ the New Mental Health Therapy? The solution could be found in exercise. Now, counselors are providing a new kind of mental health treatment that combines talk therapy with physical exercise that includes everything from walking and hiking to tennis and golf.

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Panelists tell three stories about helping people we don’t feel sorry for, only one of which is true.

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What does your serve say about your relationship with your father? Working out your anxiety with a combination of therapy and physical activity.

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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: The Rise of Wealth Therapy. Wealth therapists help the 1 Percent talk through the afflictions of affluence.

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It seems like a marriage made in New York heaven: combining the necessary insights and breakthroughs of the psychotherapeutic 50-minute hour with … a walk in the park.

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Wedding season can be rough on single women who attend without a date. Therapists offer advice on surviving weddings as a single person.

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As the income gap widens, “wealth therapists” help the 1% work through their particular emotional dilemma.

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Mention the word “psychotherapy” and you probably imagine a couch, bookshelves full of Freud and Jung, and a therapist in a leather armchair. But what about a therapist in trainers, dispensing advice as he or she hikes around the local park with a client.

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The financial therapists helping wealthy people cope with change. For affluent clients, a pandemic, economic volatility and political turmoil have brought on a bit of shock.

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Wealth therapy tackles woes of the rich. As one psychological counsellor to the 1% says: ‘I am not necessarily comparing it to what people of color have to go through, but …’

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Exercise is good for the body and the mind. It may improve psychotherapy sessions, too.

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There are lots of barriers to mental health care: is money to golden ladder that allows you to climb over them? One reporter went to a therapist for the wealthy to find out how rich people deal.

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Poor little 1 per centers: wealth therapy on the rise. Four years ago, Manhattan therapist Clay Cockrell met a patient with an unusual problem…

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‘Wealth therapy’: The top one percent turn to counseling because it’s hard being a rich person. Clay Cockrell discusses his unique walk and talk therapy sessions.

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A new breed of ‘wealth therapists’ is here to help the super rich. Lonely, troubled by guilt and loathed by Occupy activists – it can be tough being one of the 1 per cent.

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